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Feb 11
Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM) Burrito Making!

Each week UBFM makes several hundred burritos to distribute to the hungry of Memphis. Can you help make burritos for this worthwhile endeavor?!

St Mary's Soup Kitchen St Mary's Soup Kitchen
St Mary's Catholic Church 155 Market, Memphis TN 38105 -

 St Mary's Catholic Church serves a hot meal to those in need   


Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM) Burrito Delivery

Delivery burritos by bike to the hungry of Memphis! 

Catholic Charities No Hungry Senior
No Hungry Senior (Catholic Charities)

No Hungry Senior is a collaboration led by MIFA in partnership with the Aging Commission, Mid-South Food Bank, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, Memphis Jewish Federation, Common

Table Heath Alliance and Baptist Health Care and Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.

No Hungry Senior will target senior citizens who are homebound, recently discharged from

hospitals, or particularly challenged by a lack of transportation. Catholic Charities of West

Tennessee’s role will be to pick up food boxes from designated sites and deliver them to the homes of pre-screened Seniors. 

Humane Society KPAW Orientation
Humane Society

The KPAW program (which stands for “Kids Promoting Animal Welfare”) is a unique volunteer program aimed at getting young people in our community interested in animal welfare. In order to be accepted into the program, potential KPAW volunteers must attend a KPAW orientation, and then submit a fundraising plan to the Volunteer Manager for approval. The fundraising plan should be a way to raise money or donations for the HSMSC off-property, and could be a can drive at school, a bake sale, a neighborhood dog washing station, etc. The fundraising plan must happen within the first three months of membership in the KPAW program.

KPAW Orientations are held the 3rd Saturday of every month at Noon at the Humane Society. Volunteers must fill out an application and have a waiver of liability signed by a parent and pay $20 for their annual membership and t-shirt. KPAW orientation does require pre-registration, which is done by emailing

Jacob's Well Jacob's Well Multiple Serving Opportuniites
Jacob's Well

Who We Are: Jacob’s Well is a faith community working for Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, and Reciprocation, and a hub for individuals and groups throughout the Memphis area to serve. Many of our participants are homeless or struggling in poverty week to week and we are grateful for your support. On Saturday nights we invite you to jump into the Living Water by serving in one of the following areas. Our hope is that soon you will Connect with one of the ministry teams below and commit to serve on an ongoing basis. Contact the below email addresses or Jennifer Weston, church admin at or 901-290-2124 for more information. Kitchen - 4:30 - 7:45 During worship we offer sandwiches, coffee, and other refreshments for all who are hungry. We are in need of 3-4 folks to arrive at 4:45pm for p rep, 3-4 to s erve from 5:30-7:00, and another group of 3-4 to stay and c lean up afterwards. This is a great activity for the whole family, Sunday School class or group. All Ages welcome! Contact Set up / Tear Down - Saturday 4:45-5:30 & 7:15-7:45 Jacob’s Well shares space with other ministries and has to set up before service to create a worshipful environment for our community and tear down after to prepare fo the ministries on Sunday. Y ou can help tonight by setting up and taking down chairs, etc. at the direction of our setup coordinator. Contact for details. Transportation - Saturday 5:00-6:00 & 7:45-8:45 Men & women in rehabs, in poverty, and on the streets are eager to come to Jacob’s Well but have no transportation. We need a driver and co-pilot to drive either our van, your organization’s van, or a large personal vehicle to transport peopletoandfromtheworshipserviceatJacob'sWell. Y ou can help tonight by riding with an experienced driver and help navigate with the map provided. Training and Resources provided if you’d like to connect with this serving opportunity on a regular basis. Driver’s License & insurance required. Contact for details. Kids Community - Saturday 5:45-7:45pm Many of the kids at Jacob’s Well need loving influences in their life to show them their worth in God's eyes. You will work alongside our trained volunteers with a group of diverse children whose parents are in worship. You can help by rocking babies in the nursery or assisting with snacks or games for our elementary kids. For protection of the children, those who serve regularly need to be Safe Sanctuary approved (with background check). Contact Clothes Closet - Saturday 4:30-6:00 Many who attend Jacob’s Well are in need of clothes and other basic human needs. Before each service we open our Clothes Closet for about 20 minutes. You can help at 4:30 by hanging up clothes, moving chairs and tables to create a shopping space, and/or at 5:30 by offering hospitality, help shoppers to pick the items they need, and/or enforce the rules gently and with grace. Contact for details. Connect - Saturday 5:15-6:15 & 7:15-7:45 Many come to Jacob’s Well who have not darkened the door of a church for years and need to be met with unconditional welcome and acceptance. Others are coming to serve from other churches and aren’t used to our diverse environmentandneedtofeelcomfortableandsecure. Y ou can help by serving as a smiling face as people enter, handing out name tags, and getting Connect Cards to newcomers. T hen after the service we help newcomers make connections with community and Jesus. C ontact for details.

Theatre Memphis Usher - Sense & Sensibility
Theatre Memphis - Next Stage

Ushers fulfill a variety of duties before the show, at intermission, and after the show. Duties may include:

Greeting patrons and giving them their tickets at will call.

Greeting patrons and handing them a program

Greeting patrons and helping them find their assigned seat.

Selling concessions before the show and at intermission.

Picking up small litter in the house after the show.

The usher schedule is very flexible. You may volunteer for any performance on the schedule for which ushers are still needed. In general, days and times are: Thu 6:45-10 PM, Fri-Sat 7:15- 10:30 PM, and Sun 1:15-5 PM. You can volunteer several times on one show or choose different shows. As an added bonus, anytime there are open seats in the house, ushers are invited to watch the show for free.

All of our active ushers are put on the usher email updates list. An email, requesting ushers, will be sent about a week and a half to two weeks before a show opens. Current and upcoming usher opportunities are also always listed on our website. ( Registered volunteers can sign-up to usher at any time for any show that has an open sign-up.

Ushers age 12-15 must be accompanied by an ushering adult.

Ushers must follow dress code.

Ushers must present a positive and welcoming face to our guests.

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